Secure payment

We take care of our customers' safety during the payment process!

Questingo offers numerous tours containing ready-made scenarios for visiting different places with an interactive, virtual guide. Taking care of the security of their purchase for our customers we have introduced a number of measures to ensure the highest security standards during the payment process.

Legal regulations

Questingo follows special legal regulations for customer protection during the payment process: PSD, PSD2 (European Parliament directives) and the Polish Payment Services Act.

Security standards for card payments (Visa, MasterCard)

Security is also taken care of by payment organisations (Visa and MasterCard), which have developed global security standards for card payments - PCI DSS. They are available as one of the payment options on our website.

SSL certificate

Secure payments and Internet connections are made by using the SSL certificate on Questingo website. Encrypting the data and signing the page with the certificate during data transfer between the server and the web browser guarantees security both for all payments and the login process.